Information for Tenants & Service Users

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are laid down in law or guided by good practice. 

We must...

  • Respect your privacy.
  • Keep the structure and outside of your home in good condition
  • Repair fixtures and fittings inside your home
  • Make sure the water, electricity and gas are supplied safely
  • Repair and maintain shared areas such as landings, stairways and communal entrances
  • Undertake regular checks of the building in order to identify problems promptly
  • Consult you on matters concerning the accommodation, services and support you receive from us.

Your responsibilities are fully outlined within your tenancy or licence agreement.  This includes:

  You must...

  • Ensure that you, and anyone visiting you, behave responsibly both in and around your property (not causing a nuisance, disturbance or damage)
  • Report any repairs that need doing as soon as you can
  • Allow the Association access to your property in an emergency or to carry out repairs
  • In shared accommodation, allow staff access to your flat in order to carry out Health & Safety Checks
  • Allow contractors access on request to carry out checks and servicing on your appliances and fixtures.