Information for Tenants & Service Users

Through "The Sky's the Limit" survey it was evident that service users want to access training opportunities through PRHA. We now have number of opportunites for service users & are aiming to provide more.  

We are also working with other training providers to make access to training easier for our service users. This includes easier access to training courses at local colleges and training provided by other organisations.

Non work-related training - provided by PRHA

PRHA recognise that many of our service users have not been employed before, or have been out of work for many years. PRHA also recognises that some of our service users are not ready for work or may never move into employment, but simply wish to develop their life skills.

For these reasons PRHA provides training on:

  • Stress Management
  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety
  • Computers
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

If you would like more information on any of this please call Jaydee Anciro at PRHA on 020 8709 5030.

It's Your Move

Thia is a pre-tanancy training programme. Weekly group sessions are run several times a year.  The sessions are about learning new skills and knowledge to help you prepare for and manage your tenancy.

Skills and knowledge include:

  • Knowing what to do, how and when
  • Knowing where to access appropriate services and get help and support
  • Ability to communicate needs
  • Dealing with difficulties.

Non work-related training - provided by other providers

Our Learning Development Worker can also advise and support you to access training from external providers, e.g. the local college. Or you can approach them yourself.

PRHA also develops relationships with other training providers, providing easier access to training opportunities.


Work related training

It's your job

Following on from the survey PRHA have developed a new training package to support service users to prepare for moving into employment.

The training package includes practical support and advice on:

  • Preparing your CV
  • Job Applications - advice on completing job application forms
  • Interview skills
  • What to expect when you start work - this covers information on salary, your rights and responsibilities as an employee and more
  • Customer Care
  • Access to non work-related training.