About PRHA

PRHA provides a range of opportunities for tenants to access volunteering, pre-employment skills development and education.

In our supported housing, all service users discuss their current skill levels and future aspirations with a member of the Learning & Development Team.  They then develop an action plan together to move the service user's goals forward.

PRHA has developed several partnerships which can provide access to traineeships & apprenticeships and skills development courses. There is also an in-house programme for trainee support workers and opportunities to gain work experience in all PRHA's departments.

PRHA staff have good links with all the local colleges. They have also developed a network of agencies that can offer a vast range of opportunities to gain qualifications or employment-related skills, such as studying for NVQs.

PRHA also ensures that volunteering opportunities are available for service users who are not yet ready for full employment, either within the organisation or elsewhere.