About PRHA

Providing extra support where it is needed

Learning development service

PRHA aims to ensure that all service users have opportunities to rebuild and refocus their lives. An important aspect of this is working towards paid or voluntary employment or education. Our specialist team works directly with clients and advises keyworkers on available options. They also work closely with local colleges and each year help up to 30 people to secure places on courses. They also help them to look for financial support for their studies.

Substance use service

Specialist drug and alcohol workers support our tenants to start to address these issues. For some people this will be making the big decision to give up altogether. The workers help them to access specialist detoxification services or community based support. Others may not be ready yet to give up but want to reduce their intake. Again the workers can advise them and provide the support that they need to improve their health.

Mental health service

Specialist mental health advice is available for all clients. This includes maintaining close links with local statutory services, reviewing cases with keyworkers, assisting with difficult cases and providing organisation-wide activities and training (e.g. stress prevention workshops for service users).  


Floating support (non-residents) and tenancy sustainment services

PRHA runs services for people who are housed but who need tenancy support or who are homeless and need support to find and sustain a new home. We see this as a critical contribution to the prevention of homelessness - many people can be helped to avoid the crisis of losing their home if they receive support.

Prospective support clients are referred to one of our specialist teams by agencies such as social services, mental health agencies, the police, prison and probation services, homelessness departments, Rough Sleepers, drug or alcohol agencies.

Our specialist support services help hundreds of people & have a high success rate. Many people need help primarily with budgeting and managing rent or bill payments. However for a significant number of people there are underlying reasons such as drug or alcohol use, learning difficulties, mental health problems or literacy issues which are not being addressed by other services. The main role of keyworkers is therefore to assess what the underlying causes are and to develop support networks with clients which will help them for as long as they need them.

Ensuring customer focus in our services

PRHA facilitates a range of activities including regular consultation events, satisfaction surveys, focus groups and training. There is also an annual conference, quarterly feedback meetings (with senior managers present), advisory panels and inspection groups. A customer care charter and a comprehensive set of service standards have been developed jointly with PRHA tenants. Training is carried out for service users who wish to take part in a range of activities including staff recruitment panels & membership of PRHA's Management Board. Staff and service users also attend some training together.