Information for Tenants & Service Users

Reporting repairs

When you sign up to your licence or tenancy you will be informed where to report repairs:

At general needs or day-staffed accommodation:

Call our contractors, TCL Limited, on tel:  0208 539 5893 

For repairs to gas central heating, call Robert Heath Heating on tel:  020 8336 6767.

To help get the most efficient service for your property, remember to:

  • Report any problems as soon as possible
  • Give as much detail as possible about the problem
  • Tell us how we can contact you - mobile and landline
  • where applicable, give us authorisation to enter your property to carry out the repair if you will not be available.

For out-of-hours emergency repairs, call 0208 539 5893 

(This is for emergency repairs occurring after 5pm Monday-Friday, or at the weekend).


At supported accommodation and hostels

Please contact your support worker or a member of reception staff at your property. They will support you in reporting your repair.

For other matters please contact the Property Services team or tel:  020 7920 7300.


Gaining access to your property to carry out repairs

Shared accommodation 

In shared accommodation we will try to give you 24 hrs notice prior to accessing your room or bedsit to carry out repairs. If you tell us you will not be present when the contractor is due to attend, we will ask for permission to enter your room.

Self-contained accommodation

When you contact us, please let us know when we can gain access to your property to carry out the repair. For tenants in properties at Buxton Street, Old Nichol Street and Commercial Street/Rose Court, a 2-hour appointment slot will be given.

How repair categories are decided

When a repair is reported to the Maintenance Team either by yourself or a member of staff we will immediately issue a repair order. Your repair will be given a category according to the type of repair.  We look at each case according to the circumstances and we take into account the seriousness of the repair. In some cases, we will move repairs into a more urgent category if we consider the resident to be vulnerable. Repairs may be delayed for the following reasons:  

  • If the work is very specialist - this would normally need to be approved by a surveyor after it has been assessed by a contractor.
  • If it needs an inspection.
  • If the work is part of a programme of improvements. 


Category and target timescales

Examples of repairs

Category 1:

Emergency: respond within one hour.

Repairs which would pose a health and safety hazard if not done. Required to avoid immediate danger. Repair will be dealt with and made safe.

Examples - Category 1:

  • No lighting.
  • Damage likely to be hazardous to life and limb.
  • Dangerously exposed wiring.
  • Dangerous structures.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Insecure broken windows or doors.

Category 2:

Emergency: within 24 hours.

Repairs required to avoid danger to personal safety or serious damage to the building. Usually dealt with and made safeby temporary repairs, with further repairs being carried out later.

Examples - Category 2:

  • Complete power failure.
  • Flooding.
  • Any repair that presents a serious health risk.

Category 3:

Urgent: within 5 days.

Where prompt action is required but there is no immediate risk to health and safety.

Examples - Category 3:

  • Repairs which stop water leaks.
  • Heating systems and baths where they cannot be used.
  • Repairs to outside doors which protect security.  
  • Non-emergency door lock faults.

Category 4:

Routine  repairs: within 28 working days.

Where repairs are required but do not pose any health and safety risk.

Examples - Category 4:

  • Broken fixtures and fittings, minor plumbing, plastering, faults etc.

Major repairs and cyclical decorations are not covered by these timescales