About PRHA


PRHA is engaged in a range of partnerships

By working in partnership PRHA becomes part of a more comprehensive response to the needs of specific individuals.The whole partnership (and the people it serves) benefits from the strengths and experience of each of the partners.  


We are members of the North River Alliance, a partnership of mainstream, BME and specialist Housing Associations which collaborates to develop new social housing in North and East London. PRHA has developed a range of accommodation including  supported housing & general needs accommodation.


PRHA works closely with Adult Social Care Services, Vulnerable Adults Commissioning and Child Protection teams, Community Safety teams & the local police, Homelessness departments, Mental Health & Primary Care Trusts, prison and probation services & Leaving Care teams.

We also work with a large number of voluntary agencies & community organisations including drug and alcohol services and employment training providers.

We collaborate closely with Spitalfields Crypt Trust in jointly providing supported accomodation for Rough Sleepers with a history of alcohol abuse who wish to stop drinking.  

We also continue to work in close partnership with Providence Row Charity and the Sisters of Mercy, who also work with homeless people in the East End. The Charity runs daycentre services which provide vital advice and practical services. The daycentre works closely with several of PRHA's accommodation services to provide access to housing for those who need it.


Contributing to local communities

PRHA believes in investing in the communities that it works within. We are based in Tower Hamlets, close to the borough of Hackney and the City. We have been working in these areas for 150 years & have developed our services as the needs of the local community have changed.

PRHA has also worked with Early Years Network Tower Hamlets , Surestart and Tower Hamlets Council to provide a children's centre for local people.

PRHA contributes to the local community through its involvement in Local Strategic Partnerships. It also works with the Drug and Alcohol  Network & local community safety team on a number of local priorities.

PRHA is an active member of the Tower Hamlets Housing Forum, where we collaborate with other Registered Providers of social housing to improve services across the borough for our tenants.

Many of PRHA's service users also actively contribute to their local communities by volunteering at community based or charity schemes.

Life enhancing activities

Many of PRHA's service users have a wealth of talents to offer - but being homeless often means having little time, money or opportunity to develop their creative side. PRHA staff work with local agencies including Crisis Skylight to help people build self-esteem, confidence and new interests in life. We regularly display their art and poetry in our offices.

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