Information for Tenants & Service Users


Involvement & Participation

Our Commitment

We are committed to consulting you and acting on your feedback to help improve the services we provide. 

We offer a range of opportunities for all our service users from being involved in the running of the association to  being consulted on issues that directly affect them or participating in wider organisational projects. 

The following are examples of how you can take part.


Project/Service Meetings: in each of our supported housing projects we run meetings that are a forum for you to discuss any issues about the service at the scheme such as  activities, catering or anti social behaviour.


Service users are involved in many activities which are central to PRHA. These can change when new priority areas or activities are agreed. They currently include:

Service Users Advisory Panel (SUAP): discusses key issues which are then reported to the Board. This group has been the main driver for the PRHA service standards and annual reporting to tenants. The Panel meets every two months.

Maintenance Advisory Panel (MAP):  discusses property-related policies and activities and carries out joint inspections of PRHA projects with PRHA maintenance staff.


Annual events

We have two main events per year - a winter conference and a summer party.  These events are open to all service users - they are informal opportunities for you to participate. The dates are publicised in the tenants' newsletter and at projects.

Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the overall running of the Association. Several of its members are former or current service users.


We provide opportunities for service users to attend some training courses alongside staff.  These include courses in First Aid and Dealing with Difficult and Disturbing Behaviour.