About PRHA

Our residential services combine housing with support


PRHA owns or manages over 500 bedspaces of supported accommodation. Many new residents will have bad experiences of becoming homeless because they were unable to cope with paying their rent or bills, or have had problems with their  neighbours.

Often these problems are symptoms of underlying issues such as poor lifeskills, drug, alcohol or mental health issues compounded by lack of guidance or support. Everyone is thoroughly assessed when they come to us and given the necessary package of advice, skills and encouragement that they need to sustain their tenancies in the future. By helping people to develop in this way we prevent the endless cycle of waste which comes with repeated homelessness.

Moving on

Once people have gained the skills they need, they are helped to move into more permanent accommodation and supported for a period until they have settled in. They are told that they can always come back to PRHA if they need us in future.

"For the first time in my life I really understood the expression of being vulnerable. I was like a wounded animal, desperately needing a bolt-hole where I could restart my life, and heal the physiological wounds ...from the very moment I entered, my life has turned around. I was able to recharge my batteries, and get balance back into my life. It gave me a secure base to begin my return to stability, and consequently obtaining employment"

Quote from James about his stay at the Dellow Centre

Services for former Rough Sleepers:

Over 50% of PRHA's bedspaces are dedicated to providing accommodation and support to former Rough Sleepers. We provide a safe environment and intensive support to help them to settle back into life within the broader community.

Services for people with mental health issues:

These enable people who have spent considerable periods in hospital to re-establish their lives within the community. Keyworkers liaise closely with community mental health teams to ensure that tenants are fully prepared for their next step into independent accommodation.

Services for people with current drug and alcohol issues:

These are 24 hour support services in a mixture of flats and rooms. We accept people with long histories of homelessness and current issues with substance abuse. Each resident receives support from a keyworker and a substance misuse worker. We aim to help people minimise the harm they are doing to themselves and others through their substance misuse with the longer term aim of rehabilitation. Close links are maintained with local GPs' practices and alternative therapies (acupuncture and homeopathy) are offered.

Services for single homeless people:

We have a range of services which are available to single homeless people from the local area. These receive referrals from a variety of local statutory and voluntary agencies including leaving care teams, daycentres, homelessness departments, offender management services and social services.


Most of the supported housing schemes have very specific arrangements for referrals. Please see "Our projects " for details of these.

If you are homeless please use the button on the right hand side of the page to connect to details of general homelessness advice services.