Information for Tenants & Service Users


PRHA understands that many of our service users want to work. We realise that whilst many are capable of entering and sustaining employment already, others face barriers to starting work. These may include having a criminal record or a history of substance misuse, lacking confidence or motivation.

PRHA is committed to assisting service users into employment. We are aiming to provide accessible routes back into work through traineeships and volunteering.

training session



PRHA has a number of traineeship opportunities for our service users. Traineeships give you the opportunity to learn about a job whilst doing it.

PRHA has developed the following traineeship and employment opportunities: 

Assistant Project Officer

We have created a pathway to assist service users into paid support work. The Assistant Project Officer posts are an entry-level post for service users who want to move into support work.  This post will provide service users with 6 months of essential experience & training required to be a Project Officer.

On successful completion of the traineeship, the service user will be fast-tracked into the next available suitable Project Officer post.

Check 'The Sky's the Limit' notice-boards for opportunities to apply for Project Officer roles.

Learning Development Volunteers

PRHA has two Learning Development Volunteer roles. This provides opportunities for two service users to learn about supporting others to access Education, Training & Employment opportunities. We also promoting other traineeships opportunities in PRHA in areas such as maintenance and administration.


PRHA has developed a toolkit to help service users overcome barriers to employment. The toolkit and associated training programme were funded by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets



How could volunteering help me find employment?

Volunteering has many benefits. It can provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills and can bridge the gap between unemployment and paid employment.

Here are some of the benefits of volunteering:

    • An opportunity to develop your skills and gain experience
    • It provides you with training
    • You can build your confidence and self-esteem
  • It can create a routine and get you out of your home
  • A chance to meet new people and have fun
  • It's a chance to give something back and gives you a sense of achievement
  • It provides you with a reference when going for paid employment.

What to expect as a volunteer

Organisations manage volunteers in different ways. As a volunteer with PRHA, we will provide you with the following:

  • A Role Description - detailing the duties and tasks you are required to do
  • A Training Plan - detailing the training that you will be provided with to enable you to carry out your role
  • A safe environment to work
  • Support and supervision
  • Insurance cover
  • Reimbursement of travel and a contribution towards lunch costs.


Informal volunteering opportunities

PRHA has a number of volunteering opportunities. At present the volunteering opportunities are on an 'informal basis'. These are volunteers who work on an "as required" basis. For example:

  • Being part of a Steering Group which is reviewing Policies and Procedures
  • Being involved in the recruitment process of staff (see SUPER Group)
  • Helping out with organising service user conferences
  • Helping with the service users magazine.


PRHA provides training for service users in being involved in the recruitment of staff.

On completion of this training you can take part in interviewing new members of staff.

Service users who have received SUPER Group training and act as volunteers in the recruitment process receive travel and lunch expenses.

Formal volunteering opportunities

Formal volunteers are volunteers that are required to work on a regular basis. The frequency will be agreed on an individual basis. For example it may be once a week every Friday or 4 days a week. Roles where volunteers are currently recruited by PRHA include:

  • Admin
  • Support work
  • Maintenance.

Traineeships and employment opportunities with other providers

PRHA is always working with other providers to access to a range of opportunities.



 For the latest information on volunteering, engagement, training and employment opportunities, call the PRHA Specialist Services Team on 020 7920 7328.