About PRHA


We work in one of the most diverse communities in the country

Our staff, service users, volunteers and Board members come from over 40 countries and speak over 50 languages. They also represent a wide range of faiths. We consider that this is one of our most important assets and that we have to work to ensure that it remains so.

Many of our service users have experienced discrimination because of their mental health issues, race, appearance or just the fact that they are homeless. This can result in loss of self-esteem and increases social exclusion.

PRHA aims to demonstrate its commitment to valuing diversity in all areas of its activities. We employ a range of methods to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our clients. As part of our support package, residents are assisted to develop links with local community and faith groups. We also monitor different aspects of customer satisfaction through reviewing feedback such as surveys.

We also aim to ensure that staff recruitment and development opportunities benefit people from a wide range of backgrounds including those with histories of homelessness themselves.


To read our Equalities and Diversity Policy, click here.