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Hear from our service users 

Many of our service users come to us from difficult backgrounds, including disrupted family life, abuse and addiction.  We aim to develop our service users' confidence and living skills so that they can begin to face some of the issues which have contributed to them becoming homeless.

For some people, this can mean learning work skills, gaining voluntary experience or studying for qualifications which may lead to paid employment.

For others, it can involve small steps towards a specific goal. This could be:

  • avoiding the threat of eviction by learning money management and making regular rent payments
  • stopping further deterioration in health by managing a medication regime or script
  • gradually reducing their reliance on alcohol or substances.

Here you can learn more about our service users and their experiences.

One step at a time - Alice's story

Alice was referred to the Tower Hamlets Linkworker team by police after she was arrested for a minor offence. 

Alice had been drinking heavily since her early teens, following persistent sexual abuse. She was treated for depression in her early twenties and stopped drinking, but relapsed when a close family member died. She then started using cannabis, crack and heroin. She had been in abusive relationships and had poor physical health due to her drug use. Alice was also socially isolated - her acquaintances were also drug users.

Alice is now being supported to make changes in her life. The Linkworker team have  guided and encouraged Alice to take small steps to move forward. She receives support with her drug use and also with tackling underlying issues, especially her low self-esteem.

Alice has no other ways of coping or family/friends to support her, so tackling her self-esteem and confidence issues will reduce her vulnerability to relapsing. She has been referred to a domestic violence support group to help her to understand why she stays in violent relationships. She is also doing well on the second stage of a drug programme.

To make permanent changes in her life, Alice will also need to find new social networks and ways to spend her time. She may need to move away from her past abusive and drug-related relationships and 'start again' somewhere else.

Alice's background is not uncommon. Our team supports hundreds of people like Alice to change their lives, reducing the level of harm they do to themselves and the related problems this creates for their local communities.